Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Photo: Franck Seguin

Starting 2020 with a smile! This is what BLUENERY would like to wish you all: a healthy and eco-friendly year of joy! This time of year always had been about fun parties and excitement about resolutions. Happy. New. Year: what does this exactly means to us; to be happy about the new coming year? To be happy about the year that has passed?

Well, 2019 has been a milestone for the freediving community, not only because of the launch of our eco-responsible cloth brand but more for the growing movement towards the protection of our seas and its inhabitants as well as for brilliant achievements of some athletes. At BLUENERY, we had achieved to grow the community of depth lovers to follow our blue movement with over 6900 followers from the #Blueneryfamily on social media, coming from 45 different countries of the map, reading more than 200 of our stories spreading the best way to #Ispeakblue, with more than 400 million impressions and by getting involved in the biggest freediving events! Wow! What a year of warrior!

Well, 2019 for the fashion industry was a year of realisation and revolutions. We saw more people than ever before to stand up and take action, with this along climate protests internationally. From Extinction Rebellion to Fridays for Future, 2019 was the year that people stood up to point out governments’ inaction on climate policy and most particularly showing the lack of consideration about the importance of setting a sustainable fashion industry as per its global economic significance and direct correlation with environmental impacts. See more in our report: A new textiles economy: redesigning fashion’s future

So, yes! 2019 has been BIG! … However we have not finished our mission at BLUENERY.

That’s why in 2020, we’re asking you to join us, not just in educating ourselves about the sustainable fashion industry, but in making meaningful, revolutionary change. In a moment so in need of activism, making change can at times feel overwhelming. But at Bluenery, we believe that we need to face our issues, educate ourselves, and then get the people around us to join in and invest in our project! If you would like to invest in Bluenery’s sustainable movement or hear more about our 2020 objectives, contact bastien@bluenery.com

More than anything else, we would like to put your action and contributions under the spotlight for this New Year! Anytime you do a good deed to protect our Blue Planet, just tag #Blueneryfamily so we can hear from you!

With a very warm smile we wish you a Happy New You 2020!