Ocean Quest is environmental organisation acting to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs in a fully organic way and to ensure a sustainable future for local communities. The organisation aims to have a lasting impact through research, education and direct action.

Coral reefs are important and unique ecosystems that are self-sustaining and provide vital support for marine life. They play a crucial role in the tropical marine environment through their contribution to the food chain, their reef building capacity and their important role in the carbon cycle. Coral reefs worldwide are now declining due to various factors of natural and man-made threats. One way to counteract and save what is left of this invaluable ecosystem is to rehabilitate coral reefs through coral propagation. Prior to the development of the Ocean Quest program, coral rehabilitation was limited to experts and marine biologists only. But after years of research, Ocean Quest Global has created its own scientifi cally proven techniques, methodology and education material for coral reef rehabilitation, which are all based on the idea that coral can be restored on a large scale, in an all-natural and non-invasive way and by anyone who
is trained in these methods.

This in turn has lead to the development of the Ocean Quest Global education system, a simplifi ed learning system that allows anyone to take part in coral rehabilitation. By engaging and educating local communities, Ocean Quest is creating a broad network of reef protection centres through which it can achieve its goal of broad scale coral rehabilitation. From small beginnings in 2010, Ocean Quest Global has grown and is currently at work in seven countries throughout Southeast Asia and around the Indian Ocean. Since February 2016, through a partnership with Sea Shepherd Global, its courses in coral rehabilitation are also offered through Sea Shepherd partner dive centres.

As of 2018, Bluenery and the Bluenery Family are also proud to support Ocean Quest Global in these efforts to protect the coral reefs that are so essential to marine life and the health of the Oceans.

Learn more about Ocean Quest Global:
On the web: https://www.oceanquest.global
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/oceanquestglobal/