BLUENERY, a new eco-responsible clothing brand, is born from the spirit of adventure, the love of the ocean and the desire for freedom of movement by the icon of freediving: Guillaume Néry.

At a time when textile production is the second most polluting industry and where a large part of its actors are slowly seeking to integrate ecological concerns into their agendas, small fully invested entities are beginning to emerge.

On the opposite side of this general industrial timidity, real alternatives, like BLUENERY, are directly and entirely at the heart of the problem, with a desire to change every aspect of a production and consumption pattern that is as destructive as it is obsolete.
Born from the spirit of freedivers Guillaume Néry, Julie Gautier and Bastien Soleil, BLUENERY is much more than a clothing brand based on the fame of its creators or playing the eco-responsibility card as a selling point. It is the standard of a community, a state of mind, a universal necessity which has become a priority.

Bringing products that are designed to last, with the lowest possible negative impact on the environment, is not just a choice for BLUENERY but also a logical reasoning that responds to today’s needs.

Using organic materials (organic cotton, recycled polyester …) and dyes without azo products, engaging short circuits both in the manufacturing and in the distribution phase, obtaining GOTS certification at all levels of production … These are no merely choices but basic preconditions to become a reference in the “prêt à porter” of today and tomorrow.

BLUENERY is also synonym of design and aestheticism, having “organic” clothes should not be at the expense of style. BLUENERY has chosen to find a balance in its collection between comfort, image and practicality of its clothes.
T-shirts, hoodies, beanies … every piece of the BLUENERY collection brings, to the person who wears it, a feeling of ease, like a second skin and a timeless style, to which is added a serenity to protect more the Earth by a simple gesture. Indeed, BLUENERY is being responsible by offering such products, nevertheless it is everyone’s responsibility to participate in this reversal of consumption patterns in order for our planet to becoming healthier.

Through its website, you can discover the whole story, the implications, the partners, the resellers and the BLUENERY collection.

GUILLAUME NÉRY received his first world record at 20 years old. Multi record man, he plays a leading role in the evolution of the sport and injects every day a meaningful dose to his practice. He prefers to explore and experiencing the freedom of movements than focusing in his pursuit of records. Guillaume Néry is a co-founder, values’ builder and principal ambassador for BLUENERY.

JULIE GAUTIER is a moviemaker and a freediver. Together with Guillaume Néry, her life partner, she creates committed movies full of poesy, bringing a totally new vision of the submarine world. Since the immense success of her short film AMA, she has multiplied collaborations with international brands and artists. 

BASTIEN SOLEIL is a designer. From his years traveling over Asia, as he was looking for a simpler way of living, he brought back a strong interest for the freediving. In order to constantly grow the awareness of the environment and thanks to this fulfilling experience he is able to bring people together, imagine collaborations, transform consumption habits. Since the origin of BLUENERY, Bastien Soleil ensures the brand values’ coherence and respect ​​from its conception to its distribution.


Bastien Soleil – Co-founder

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